Kindness in Action, Part Two

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Hello sweet friends, I hope you remember Part One of Kindness in Action – Be kind to yourself.  I cannot stress how important this is. The research we looked at in the last blog tells us all the good things that come from kindness.  Here is a bit more info to dive into before we take a look at Kindness Part Two.

Many, many people get sick and stay sick from stress, worry and anxiety.  Healthy lifestyles are not enough. When your cup is empty from the way you live, work and THINK, your system goes into overdrive to survive.   This prevents you from being in Harmony, in a truly kind relationship with yourself and those beautiful people in your life that bring you joy.

The world needs each of us.  Think about it. There is only one you and your presence is needed.  I don’t know how, only you can define and fulfill your place in this world.  If you live in overdrive, then you prevent the connections that are necessary to those who need you the most, and that includes YOU!

As any good yoga teacher would say, take a breath, take a moment, take the time to be courageous enough to slow down.  Maybe try another yoga or fitness class, journal, walk…… come with me to Florida for a Harmony Sabbatical! Hey, can’t blame a girl for promoting her business, especially when it is designed to help you slow down and be kind to yourself.  Be brave enough to be self-loving, compassionate and examine the journey from a place of stillness. 

Now, Part Two:  Kindness towards those we love.  What are the benefits of being kind to loved ones?  When someone we know is in pain or in a crisis we instinctively want to reach out and help.  Why? That is how the brain is wired. We are connected to others suffering because of care and concern.  But another wonderful aspect is that as we reach out with acts of kindness our own levels of endorphins rise.  We get a genuine euphoric feeling, a surge so to speak happens in the brain and we experience what is called “Helpers High’ according to Thupten Jinpa PhD.   Remember him, the Dalai Lama’s translator?

According to research, when you help others, the heart rate slows and your breathing pattern stabilizes.  Both reactions show that the parasympathetic system is at work, calming your nerves and grounding your very being.  “Compassion puts you in a physiological state that is centered and grounded, which is a better state to make decisions.”  Kelly McGoniga, PhD, Co-director at Stanford School of Medicine’s Center for Compassion and Altruistic Research. This my friends is Kindness in Action!

However!!!!! A word of caution.  As we seek out opportunities to help others, we must have boundaries in place.  Seek to be present and kind without trying to fix or absorb the pain of others. Let the kindness in action build slowly and methodically.  Remember we want that sense of grounding that allows us to make decisions with awareness and self-love.

Next month we will create a chart of 20 acts of kindness.   Why stop at 20? You can create a full calendar month of Kindness in Action.  In the meantime, find stillness in the mad rush of life, be kind to yourself and to the people who LOVE YOU!!  Remember, Give Love Away! Leave a comment about your own Kindness in Action. What does it look like? Did you find a place of stillness?  What did that feel like?

Here is a prayer I found in the house my husband and I just bought.  I found this little newspaper clipping tapped to the inside of a cabinet.  The elderly couple that lived there recently passed away. I think they left this prayer just for me and I want to pass it on to you!

O Heavenly Father:

We thank thee for food and remember the hungry.

We thank thee for health and remember the sick.

We thank thee for friends and remember the friendless.

We thank thee for freedom and remember the enslaved.

May these remembrances stir us to service 

That thy gifts to us may be used for others.

Grace and Peace,

Zella Marie


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