private sessions

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Private Sessions gives each client the opportunity to workout one on one with an instructor who creates a personalized plan that meets the client’s long or short term goals. This allows us to incorporate strength, cardio, and flexibility components specialized for your unique needs. At Premier, we have worked with clients ranging from NBA players, to golfers, to post-rehab patients.

Many people are apprehensive to starting a new fitness or yoga routine because large groups are intimidating. Here you can learn correct posture, alignment, proper technique and build confidence in that you are working the right way.

For those who have an established exercise plan but wants to challenge themselves and learn more advanced techniques, private sessions allows you the opportunity to explore them in a safe and supportive environment.

Invest in yourself and receive the individual attention you need. Whether it is a one time session or ongoing, you gain benefits to last a lifetime.


I love the classes I take at Premier Yoga and Fitness, but I decided I needed a private session to ensure I was using proper form. Before thesee sessions I was experiencing pain that was beyond muscle soreness and my balance was awful. Through these private sessions I learned so much. Not only was I able to practice proper form and improve my balance, I also discovered my body’s strengths and weaknesses. I feel stronger and more in control of my body’s movements. Thanks to Bridget and the guidance she gives me during my private sessions.

Nathalene A.

I have been a long time yoga student looking for a deeper practice.My private sessions with Carla have brought me more in touch with myself and have provided a safe, energetic environment that is both externally challenging and introspective. Yoga is more than poses and Carla’s gift as an amazing yogi has been such a blessing to me on my yoga journey.

Bonnie R.