yoga teacher training

An extensive 200 hour program.
At Premier Yoga & Fitness we offer a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved program. Our yoga teacher training program is lead by a team of experienced yoga instructors with over 50 years of combined experience. We are a Hatha based studio with an emphasis on wellness and balanced lifestyle.


“Challenge your mind and transform physically, emotionally, and spiritually..”

Why Yoga Teacher Training?


  • Do you have a desire to learn more about the ancient and healing system of yoga?
  • Would you like to gain an in-depth knowledge of the Asanas (poses) and 8 Limbs of Yoga?
  • Inspired to share your passion and knowledge of yoga with others.
  • Wanting to teach what you love with the confidence of a well rounded teaching platform.
  • Desiring to meet like minded people to establish life long bonds and friendships.
  • Wanting to continue to challenge your mind and grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


“Join us on an amazing 7 month journey to changing and enriching your life.”

 At Premier, we believe that you are the seed of change. As you grow as a teacher, whether you teach in a class setting or not, the inspiration and transformation that you experience in YTT will allow you to spread the change with others in your own families, communities and the world. Yoga teacher training is for everyone no matter your level of experience. We welcome you to our program if you’ve been practicing one year or 20 years. Everyone will gain knowledge and practical everyday applications to fulfill your desires to implement yoga into your life!

Join us on an amazing 7 month journey to changing and enriching your life. We look forward to meeting you and continuing to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch each and every day.


When I was approached about enrolling in Yoga Teacher Training I had a whole list of reasons why it wasn’t for me. I hadn’t been practicing yoga very long, I couldn’t do many of the poses and the biggest reason of all I had no desire to teach. The one and only reason I decided to give teacher training a try was to deepen my own practice.

Premier’s curriculum is set-up in a way that each section builds and reviews upon the others. Each instructor brings their unique personality and understanding to the material presented.

Yoga teacher training is about more than teaching you to teach yoga. It did deepen my practice. More importantly, it helped me realize that yoga is more than the poses I can or can’t do on my mat. I made wonderful, lifelong friends and I learned some interesting things about myself.

Teacher training was the most challenging-rewarding thing I have done for me. The biggest surprise is that I am now sharing (teaching) yoga with others and learning things on and off my mat daily. I almost missed out on a wonderful experience because I didn’t want to teach yoga.

Jackie G,

Teacher Training Graduate

When I was asked to attend a yoga teacher training meeting, I was saying “No way am I a teacher”. After the meeting I was intrigued, I signed up and headed into teacher training thinking this is just an experience to try to deepen my practice, as I had been to a couple yoga retreats, and wanted to learn more than what’s taught taking a class.

Carla and her team of teachers brought their knowledge, experience, wisdom and support to each class, in turn making every class a learning experience with love and kindness. The curriculum has a perfect balance of physical practice, Philosophy, spirituality, Anatomy (ask about Sammy :)) and more. Conversations were always welcome and there was never any judgment. There was always laughter and support whenever you needed it, even after hours. They were always there to guide, support and answer any questions or concerns you had.

For me, I think the true goal was to not only teach us about yoga, but teach us to find ourselves and be able to share what we learn with others. Thus making us teachers. It was the best journey and experience I could of asked for.  Creating a safe place that was fun with an accepting environment. It didn’t matter your yoga skill level or experience you are family from the moment you walk through the door.

My advice to anyone considering yoga teacher training at Premier Yoga & Fitness, leave your judgment and expectations at the door and find a place in your heart for you on your mat.  Take each class as it is, learn every day, as every day is a new day.
Premier is not just the name — It’s Excellence!

Vivian L

Teacher Training Graduate

Yoga teacher training has given me my Yoga Swag. I have always loved practicing yoga personally, but, I didn’t have the confidence to teach it. I knew my personal training clients would benefit. This is why I knew it was important for me to go through this wonderous training


Bridget P

Teacher Training Graduate

I’ve always loved yoga and wanted to learn more about it. Carla ask me about taking teacher training, I never wanted to teach but I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more and to learn from an amazing woman and teacher. I’m a pretty shy person so this was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone which is exactly what I needed to do.

I met an awesome group of women that will forever be my sisters and learned so much more than I could have ever imagined not just about yoga but about myself. I would highly recommend Premier Yoga & Fitness for yoga teacher training, classes and all of their wonderful teachers, it is place that makes you feel incredibly welcomed and a sense of family and community. Carla is a great teacher and I will always be eternally grateful for the impact that she has had on my life, and by the way I actually teach kids yoga once a week now.


Sheila H.

Teacher Training Graduate