What I Learned This Spring

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I hope this blog finds you at peace with Spring ending and Summer beginning!

The last day of May found me doing two of my favorite things.  I know that the end of May is not technically the last day of Spring but it is a marker for me.  And what a glorious way to end the month, to end a season. On this last day of May I was on a horse, practicing yoga.  That’s right, I was on a horse named Lark, not just practicing yoga but leading a class on how to incorporate yoga into equestrian therapy.  Now, I am no expert on horsemanship but I do know a bit about yoga and connecting the mind and body using breath work. Let me paint the picture for you and provide some back ground and as always, we’ll wind back to kindness.

You know the book by Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go?  Well, how about…. Oh, the places Yoga will take you? Since I started teaching yoga back in 2015, officially that is, I have met the most wonderful people on Earth and done some pretty darn cool things.  First and foremost, yoga introduced me to Carla, lead me to Premier and to each of the beautiful souls that step thru the doors of our studio.

I LOVE yoga and I LOVE horses!  However, I do not own a horse and have very little experience with them.  Y’all, I just never have grown out of that little girl love of horses. My granddaughter Ava took riding lessons two years ago and I thought, I want to do that too!   I mentioned this life long desire to my dear friend Kris Sanders and she suggested trading riding lessons for yoga sessions. YES Please! And so, for the past few months I have learned not only to ride but how to groom, clean hooves and muck out stalls.  Well, this experience led me to Janie Dann and equestrian therapy. Janie volunteers her time training horses and riders at Wings of Hope. This amazing organization provides safe and fun healing experiences for people who are mentally or physically challenged.

Kris and Janie practice Kundalini yoga with me on Monday nights at the studio.  Janie brought her friend Julie Rivard, who runs the equine assisted organization, to a Monday night session and one thing led to another.  Now I have had the privilege and honor to teach yoga on horseback, to the staff and volunteers of Wings of Hope. So, what have I learned this Spring?  I have learned that the saying, Create the Life you want to Live, is so very true. I am living proof and so are you!  I have learned that you can ride a horse and practice yoga.  Side note…. Y’all you should have seen Carla’s face when I told her about this blog……. Priceless!  And I have learned that kindness, yet again, is the gift we can share in big and small ways. I volunteered my time to teach the staff and volunteers of Wings on how to make someone’s life a little better.  I just gave them another tool to put in their bag because, that is what yoga is…. a tool for better living.

Premier Yoga and Fitness is about making life better in big and small ways.  Carla and Phil created the studio to give us a community, to provide tools for better living and to reach out with kindness with every opportunity and in any way we can.  Carla and I have included each of you in our adventure with The Center for Transforming Lives, an organization that moves women and children from poverty to possibilities.  We are proud to share with you Wings of Hope, a non profit group whose core purpose is, “To provide hope and healing through gentle horses and the love of God.” Kindness:  Living out your truth in real and sustainable ways. Take a look at their website – wingsofhopehorses.org and possibly give some support, engage on a heartfelt level, encourage others and educate yourself about their mission.  Learn something new and as always…. Give Love Away!


Grace and Peace,

Zella Marie


  1. Linnea

    Thank you all for your kindness ❤️

    • Zella Marie

      You are so welcome sweet sister!!! Love you dearly!

  2. Kris Sanders

    As always your words touch my soul. I am honored and forever grateful to be your friend on this incredible journey of yoga, horses, love and kindness. You inspire goodness in all those you touch.

    • Zella Marie

      It is a fun journey, especially with you!!


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