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Over the years I have practiced with some of the best instructors in the world, not just the DFW area. My teachers have been mentors, friends, and sweet sisters. I have also practiced in a variety of spaces, simple rooms, gyms, activity rooms at the YWCA and art galleries. I have practiced in humble studios, beautiful sanctuary studios, hotter than you know what studios…..new and old spaces. I’ve practiced in a park and like most of you I have practiced in my own bedroom. When we practice in our home we experience that sweet simple release before we go to bed or that rise and shine practice before one greets the day. No matter what, each of the described spaces have several common denominators: breath, intention and movement.


As we practice we create space in our hearts, in our minds and on our journey. The practice of yoga itself, and my beautiful teachers, have helped to bring an awareness and intention that has created a centered place of calm. As we practice at Premier, our new and thoughtful studio, we bring that sense of awareness and intention not only to the space but to one another. And isn’t that the point of the yoga community? To be with a group of people who crave time with one another as we move and explore our own personal intentions and our collective awareness?

“We can only achieve the higher ideals of yoga and fitness with a place to gather, a place to call home.”

As you push yourself to the edge, or nail that pose that’s has eluded you, we celebrate one another. And then of course there are the friendships that form and bond and seal us as yogis. I love to hear the small talk before or after class. It’s a joy to hear women (and men!) share their thoughts, their stories, their experiences. We have a common core, a belief that Life Is Really GOOD, and yoga/movement makes it even better! But the real treat is the community we create as we move, as we celebrate life, thru our breath and intentions……… in our space and in our hearts.


What does all of this take? A well planned, beautifully designed, and filled with love……Studio! We can only achieve the higher ideals of yoga and fitness with a place to gather, a place to call home. Yes, you can practice, whatever type of movement, in the comfort of your own abode but we are social creatures that need one another. The yoga fitness studio of today is like the town square of years gone by. At Premier we are loved by Carla, challenged by all of the instructors and celebrated by one another. And that my dear friends is a great “space” to be!

Grace and Peace,



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