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Happy New Year Yoga Friends! I hope this first blog of 2018 finds you content and healthy.

Do you have art in your home? Of course you do! We as humans surround ourselves with beauty. Some of us might be fortunate enough to have originals from a beloved artist or we may have lovely reproductions. Why do we place objects of beauty in our homes, in our lives? Because each of us are creative souls! Nolan Simmons, a home-grown artist from Mansfield and a dear friend’s son says, “Anything we do is an art — the way we dress, communicate, paint, drive, cook, clean. We give art its meaning.” Such wisdom from such a young man! Let’s dive deeper and unpack Nolan’s words.

As Yogis and people who love to exercise we know the creative aspect that movement brings to our lives. When you check out of the world and sign up for a class at the studio, you are saying that you want the time to create. Create what? Your mind needs to create space to think, your muscles need the choreographed sequence of movement, and your soul needs the connection between breath and spirit. Research is revealing that yoga literally helps to rewire the brain.

Last November, as we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Premier, Carla created an evening of Art and Yoga. Jill Nonnenmacher, another local artist, and her husband graciously brought some of her sculptures to the studio. Those of you that were there know how big and heavy a few of those pieces are! As Jill thoughtfully explained her abstract art, my husband, Gary played the guitar. Jill guided us with thought provoking questions and then Carla led us in a rich and powerful choreographed restorative class. As we worked through each asana, we were surrounded by the sculptures, music and our connections to one another as we created space in our mind and bodies. The space we create by movement is important because it allows us to clean the house of our soul.

For me, Yoga is my guide back home to myself time and time again. And when I surround myself with art, music, cooking……. I find a way to enhance that journey. My intention for the new year is to find a place where I can love myself and others, embrace all the good things that have come my way and let yoga rewire my brain. I plan on decluttering my home as I welcome 2018. I know that many of us do this as we step into the new year. But I want to encourage you to declutter your mind and body with the art of movement. Yoga has the ability to release tensions. As you set intentions for yourself, use yoga as a place where you can unblock things that weigh you down and then create space to surrender, engage and surround yourself with love.

Grace and Peace,


You can read more about Nolan Simmons and see his art in the January edition of the magazine, Mansfield Now.

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  1. Dr. Anna Nelson

    Zella, this is a great article, I love yoga myself and I find yoga and meditation the best way to relieve any stress and anxiety. A healthy life is my goal and yoga help me so much. Thank you for writing this article!


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