The Satya of Giving

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Greetings Premier Family,

I asked Carla what she would like to see for this blog. She became very quiet, thought for a few deep Ujjayi breaths and said, “Write about the upcoming Holiday season and how to maintain your bliss.” I can do that and so, here we go!

Every year we enter into the season of Thanksgiving followed by the winter Holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice….. whatever you practice and call your own. Sometimes it can feel as though we are slammed into the holidays if we don’t spiritually, mentally, and financially prepare. With an endless list of parties to attend, gifts to buy and meals to prepare, how do we keep our sanity? Each year all of the magazines, talk shows and celebrity know-it-alls to us what we should do, what gifts are must haves and how to decorate your home to impress the Queen but yet be humble enough to invite the Dali Lama!

I would like you to examine two words with me….. Ananda and Satya.

Let’s start with Satya, Truth, the practice of truthfulness. What is your truth? How does it affect your mood, your awareness and how you approach the season and all of the get-togethers associated with this time of year? It is so easy to give into the materialistic aspect of the holidays and then literally lose our minds. Carla’s suggestion for this blog is for you to connect to your truth and stay tuned to that mindset as you approach the holidays. What do you need to do to stay grounded, maintain boundaries and avoid feeling many of the wrong emotions that can so easily creep into our life thus attacking our Satya, our truth? A dear friend of mine recently shared with me that disrespect of one’s self is the greatest enemy we can have. My truth is being kind to myself, respecting me and not giving into fear. I have to live this truth daily, especially during the holidays. My truth is that I can’t afford to decorate as elaborately as my sister-in-law and that I can’t compare myself to her. What I can do is enjoy the beautiful setting that she will create for our extended family to enjoy on Christmas day. And this truth helps me to practice Ananda!

Ananda means the condition of utter joy! What a glorious definition for a beautiful ancient Sanskrit word. How can we condition ourselves to have utter joy? Stay grounded to your truth. Practice yoga, meditation and other forms of exercise DURING the holiday season! We so easily forgo our practice because of the hectic schedule that is thrown upon us. Forgive yourself, allow yourself to indulge in Christmas candies and Hanukkah treats. And finally, GIVE! Give love away! As a child, when I found out that Santa was not real, I was devastated! But that sadness was replaced a few years later but the utter joy of giving! I saved my babysitting money to buy my parents, grandparents and friends gifts from the Neiman Marcus catalog. They were super simple gifts, didn’t really cost much but I loved GIVING those gifts to my family.

I grew up with these words and they are part of my truth….. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Give yourself bliss, Ananda, the condition of joy and stay grounded in truth, your own personal Satya. I am ending this blog by giving you a homework assignment. Read from the following list of words and chose one that connects to your truth.

believe, brave, breathe, courage, create, dream, faith, fearless, hope, inspire, let go, love, strength

In the December edition we will work with your word and look at a group of people who pay it forward with their work and their mission.


Grace and Peace,


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  1. Linnea

    Awesome article – I remember the Neiman Marcus gifts 🎁


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